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David Michaels plays Neil Bolton

David Michaels as Neil BoltonNeil Bolton, Maggie's estranged husband, appeared in series 7 and 8 of Heartbeat. His arrival in the village - for a job at Ashfordly hospital and possibly to take over the local medical practice at Aidensfield - caused some disquiet in the village. He had been away working for the Red Cross abroad for the past four years, and he turned up wanting to see if there was any possibility of a reconciliation with Maggie.

David commented at the time, "Maggie is naturally stunned she has heard nothing from him for all this time and suddenly not only do I turn up on the doorstep but I am working at the same hospital."

The question was, would she accept his renewed interest? David and Kazia Pelka had already played the roles of lovers, in a 1985 production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, so series 7 promised some romantic chemistry. But Neil Bolton made a dramatic exit from Heartbeat, halfway through series 8.

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Rhea about Neil Bolton:

"The doctors who have appeared in my books have usually been fairly senior G.P.s who have lived and worked in Aidensfield for many years. Neil Bolton, a rather serious and somewhat aloof young doctor, has now come to work in the area but his arrival did cause some concern, not least in his estranged wife, Nurse Maggie. In a village like Aidensfield, the doctor is very much a part of the community just like the vicar, the nurse and the policeman and I am delighted that Heartbeat continues to feature a doctor after the death of doctor Kate Rowan."

"I think David Michaels plays a very interesting part and we're all wondering whether he will soften and become less snooty as he settles into the village routine."

David Michaels has played in a number of TV series, including The Changing Room, Peak Practice, Coronation Street and Soldier Soldier.

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