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Juliette Gruber plays Jo Weston

Juliette Gruber as Jo Weston - with Katie RowanJo Weston came into the Heartbeat scene after the death of PC Rowan's wife Kate, and gradually romance blossomed between the two. For a while, it was uncertain whether this would actually result in a wedding, even after she has accepted Nick's proposal. Series 7 showed how they finally reached their big day, having to deal with a host of family problems on the way.

Jo and Nick leave Aidensfield after their big wedding in the village. The service was filmed at St Mary's Church in Goathland, and the on-screen ceremony was taken by the local vicar Rev Edwin Newlyn.

Jo's on-screen weddingMarrying on screen in a specially designed cream silk gown nearly reduced Juliette to tears. "It was weird," she admits. "Every last detail, down to the garter, was so accurate and felt so real. I was fine until we came to film the scene where we had to exchange our vows. Then I just broke out in a sweat! I kept telling myself that I was only acting and shouldn't cry. I could feel my bottom lip trembling, which is what happens to me when I'm very nervous or very moved by something. Nick and I had to look into each other's eyes and hold each other's hands. The service was intensely emotional, but I managed to pull myself together eventually."

Changing Places - life after AidensfieldThere is a special episode of the newly-weds in Canada where they continue their married life. Despite her relatively recent start in Heartbeat, Juliette Gruber insists that she is happy to go when her screen partner does: "We get married in the series and so when Nick goes, so do I. It works very well in the story because it means that it will be a happy ending - there are no broken hearts."

Juliette Gruber is a niece of actor Walter Matthau, and began acting at a young age. She got a degree from Dublin's Trinity College before acting with the National Theatre, and in a number of TV series.

Rhea about Jo Weston:

"My own mother was a school teacher in Goathland, the village which doubles as Aidensfield, and when Jo arrived in Heartbeat I was keen to see how she was portrayed. Juliette Gruber did a fine job, managing to show Jo balancing her family problems with her teaching responsibilities and her love for Nick, but at the same time never forgetting Kate.

Jo does not appear in the books, although there is a similarly vivacious young schoolteacher in Constable About the Parish."

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