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Jason Durr plays PC Mike Bradley

Jason Durr plays PC Mike Bradley

A disciplined professional with an excellent future in the police force, Mike Bradley has seen his career go from strength to strength since transferring to Ashfordly almost five years ago. The same sadly can't be said for his love life and the climax of series eleven saw him facing the loss of another love as Tricia Summerbee fought for her life after succumbing to her heart condition.

"I'm pleased to say she's survived and when we return she's back to her old self!" Jason Durr reveals. "I think Mike would have taken her death very badly. This illness has made Mike and Tricia grow stronger together. Even though there's misunderstandings between them there's a flourishing undercurrent of love there."

The relationship hasn't been the easiest largely due to their conflicting professional lives.

"They don't always meet in the most romantic of situations and often they'll meet at the scene of a crime," says Jason. "Also because of the way their lives are structured they can't plan the romantic meals out - if they are both free they'll grab a bag of chips!"

Last series there was a huge Will they, won't they? element to the relationship and Mike showed signs that he wasn't too keen to commit. Jason doesn't agree that Tricia's illness has been a factor in Mike's reluctance.

"You could say that after losing Jackie he's worried that Tricia's illness will eventually lead to him losing her too," says Jason. "He's a really nice bloke and wouldn't behave in such a selfish way. If he's guilty of anything it's that he's too protective of her. He is mildly concerned that he may lose another love - that could be slowing down the process somewhat but I think he's more concerned about her."

Work-wise, Bradley goes from strength to strength.

"He's such a golden boy it makes you sick!" Jason laughs. "He's got a quite ambition - he's not in any hurry although he has passed his sergeant's exams. He saw so much when he was down at the Met that he's grown into the life in the country. Outside influences want him to do more. They know he's a bright copper and very good at what he does so there's lots of avenues open to him. I think his relationship with Tricia is possibly making him resist this.""

Rhea about PC Mike Bradley:

"Mike Bradley does not appear in my early books, but on screen he arrived with long hair while riding a powerful motor bike. Jason Durr's task was not easy - he had to create a likeable character who would one day replace PC Nick Rowan but he did this within a very short time. Bradley's good looks, his wide police experience before coming to Aidensfield and his strong personality have combined to produce a very interesting character. So what's in store for him in Aidensfield? We'll have to wait and see..."

This series sees Mike on top form dealing with some of the toughest cases of his career.

"There's loads of action in this series," says Jason. "Last year we had a lot of difficulties with Foot and Mouth which restricted the way we worked to some extent. We are free now to roam the moors again so we can fit in far more of the chases, explosions and stunts that have become such a trademark of the show."

As with all of the Heartbeat regulars Jason particularly enjoys the time he spends at the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors in the real location for Aidensfield, Goathland.

"It's amazing being back in Goathland with a vengeance. It's remarkable the amount of tourism that's sprung up there even during the time I've been on the show. When we film there are often hundreds of people watching us - it's like a bizarre form of street theatre. This causes us a fair few problems! It's hilarious when the crowd reacts to some stunt or other and we have to patiently remind them that they need to remain quiet!"

Over the last couple of years Goathland hasn't just become famous for Heartbeat but also for the railway station sequences in Harry Potter.

"Now you're never sure if the crowds are here to see us or Harry Potter", says Jason. "There'll be the die-hard Heartbeat fans and then every time a train arrives, weaving between them there'll be hoards of kids with their Harry Potter back packs on!"

It has already been announced that at the end of series twelve Jason will be leaving Heartbeat after four highly successful series.

"Anybody who has been in my position will have mixed feelings," says Jason. "When you decide to leave however you get the chance to reflect on your experience and make the most of the time that remains. Heartbeat's been so all-consuming I'm excited about entering a new chapter in my life. I'll miss it terribly but at least I've had five years worth of very happy memories. I think it would be harder to leave if I'd only been here a couple of years. The time has come though to pass the baton on. I've learned so much and gained so much from being part of the show - I hope the show's gained plenty from me in return."

Jason's television credits include Sharpe's Battle and Inspector Morse and he played the central role in the cult movie Killer Tongue. His theatre work includes roles in RSC productions of Macbeth, Measure for Measure and The Blue Angel.

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