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The Norwegian Connection

Heartbeat's depiction of life in the 1960s strikes a chord with viewers for many different reasons. Nicholas Rhea's recollections of policing a rural beat, and the many and varied characters he met, play a major part, but every detail has its afficionados. Lovers of classic cars find much to watch and enjoy in the show, and not only in Britain! Birger Giæver organises the Norsk Ford Anglia Register in Norway, and he explains:

Anglias parked outside Scripps Garage, Aidensfield

We are about 240 Anglia owners in Norway and we have founded a register/club where we arrange meetings and tours and distribute a magazine with both technical and social information to our members. The TV series Heartbeat immediately became our favourite, first of course due to the frequent appearance of the police Anglias, but also due to the genuine "Heartbeat" of the characters and the story. Although Aidensfield statistically must be the most criminal and cruel place in the whole world, we love the human touch of both the criminals and heroes, and Greengrass of course was worth his weight in gold, it's too bad he has gone from the series.

We had our first tour in 2003 with four Anglias and one Escort mk1. That tour was expertly planned by our two editors, Truls and Jon, and the reason for the tour was to park our Anglias in front of Scripps garage and ask for a 10,000 mile service on all of them. But when I began to prepare for this tour, I looked on the map and could not find Aidensfield anywhere. Were we going to a place that didn't exist? Well, a little search for Aidensfield on the Internet soon revealed Goathland as the concrete target. We had a wonderful tour driving around on the rollercoaster roads on the moors and staying over in old blacksmiths converted to museum hotels; it was just like in the series, though "Aidensfield" itself had turned into an advertisement-display-pillar-place.

Anglias parked in Goathland: will they show up in the next series?

We decided to do this again in 2005, and this time got in contact with the Anglia and Cortina fans in England. We were one Anglia and two Cortinas, and we had a meeting with them in Thirsk on a Wednesday. One of them had driven 5 hours to meet us, and had 5 hours home again, on a working day; this impressed us. We told them about our admiration for Heartbeat and they had similar feelings. We then decided to arrange our next tour so that we could meet on a Sunday and have a drive around all together. Can you imagine 30 to 40 beautifully restored Anglias and Cortinas bumper to bumper, making traffic jams all over the York area?

When we were in "Aidensfield" this time, we were lucky enough to witness a film shooting for the series. The girls were excited, and one of the boys dressed up in what he believed to be the correct clothing, and tried desperately, but unsuccessfully, to sneak in as an extra. But they allowed our cars to stay in the shooting area, so we are anxiously waiting for that take to be shown on Norwegian TV (in 2008, perhaps?).

We loved Kate!

We are already planning our next tour, for May 2006. This time we will occupy Kate's hotel completely. Our female followers just loved that place. Kate is the hotel manager of Kirkgate House Hotel in Thirsk where we stayed, and she was the one who tipped off the journalist who made the little press article about our visit. From Thirsk the plan is to drive to Whitby via of course "Aidensfield"!

On behalf of 240 Norwegian Heartbeat and Anglia fans.
Yours sincerely

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