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Sergeant Simpson's Sacrifice

Sergeant Simpson's SacrificeSergeant Simpson's Sacrifice is a stand-alone novel, which is not part of any previous series. Nicholas Rhea explains how he came to write it:

"The plot came to me when I was out walking and so I wrote it before I forgot it! It's a complicated crime story involving Sergeant Simpson's family - his son is suspected of murder - but there's much more to it than that!"

All through his police career Dick Simpson has nurtured an ambition to investigate a murder case but, as a town patrol sergeant, he has never had the opportunity. He is now a sick man, approaching the end of his career and it seems unlikely his wish will be fulfilled.

However, the discovery of a murder victim in a local park pitches him headlong into Hildenley's first murder investigation. The dead man was a known rapist and suspected murderer but, as the enquiries intensify, Simpson's son becomes prime suspect. With a lack of evidence against the lad, Sergeant Simpson faces the likelihood that a deep family secret could be revealed as he himself falls under suspicion. Meanwhile, the officer in charge of the enquiry is very proud of his 100% detection rate for murder and has no intention of allowing that record to be ruined by an unsolved case.

And so, to protect his family, Sergeant Simpson makes a remarkable sacrifice.

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