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Detective Inspector Montague Pluke

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Praise from a fan:

"I read the Montague Pluke ones. Pluke is such an eccentric detective and I love the way he is passionate about horse troughs."
Mike Sheard, Hull

Three for Luck

Deadly Cases - the Pluke Omnibus edition

Endeavour Press, the UK's leading independent digital publisher, have enrolled Detective Inspector Montague Pluke the CID's most superstitious police officer, in their criminal endeavours. Kindle editions of three of his cases have been so successful that they have been followed by a reissue in paperback.

And now there's a new way to keep up with DI Pluke, in this lucky threesome of cases in a single omnibus edition: available now in a Endeavour Press Kindle edition.

Find out more about A Well-Pressed Shroud, Superstitious Death and the very first Pluke mystery, Omens of Death.

Omens of Death

Omens of Death

Detective Inspector Montague Pluke is an extremely superstitious man.

So when he notices the solitary crow upon the roof of No. 15 Padgett Grove - the home of Cyril and May Crowther - he knows it is an omen of death.

As the officer in charge of the CID at Crickledale Sub-Divisional Police Station, Pluke has never solved a murder or arrested a killer.

While he appreciates that the natural peace of Crickledale has contributed to this, it is Pluke's ambition, before he retires, to solve a noteworthy murder.

So when the naked body of a young woman is found at the local Druids' Circle, it seems that fate is on Montague's side.

Stephen Winton, a photographer from nearby Fossford, is photographing the Circle for a tourist magazine when he makes the grisly discovery.

Listed as one of the Nine Sites of Crickledale, the Druids' Circle is rumoured to be the site of orgies, witchcraft and other bizarre goings-on after dark.

Could the dead girl have been the victim of a black magic mass ritual or sacrificial killing?

With no visible wounds or signs of a struggle, Montague believes that the young woman met her untimely end elsewhere and was then placed in the Circle.

But why was she naked?

Unable to ignore the ill-omened message of the lone crow, Pluke decides to focus on the Crowthers' home at No. 15 Padgett Grove.

When two more people die in suspicious circumstances, Montague Pluke is at last able to put his police training, together with his great knowledge of superstition, to good use ...


"Detectives, in fiction at least, come in all shapes and sizes, but few make as much impact as Montague Pluke...The strength of the book lies in the characters, especially the eccentric Pluke and his wife, Millicent. But a rich seam of secondary characters wait in the wings. All hold out the promise of a wealth of humour and interest that can be tapped in the future."
Yorkshire Post

Nicholas Rhea comments:

"My latest creation, and one which appears to be gaining popularity, is the bizarre policeman, Detective Inspector Montague Pluke. A highly superstitious man and an outlandish dresser, Pluke is a small-town detective with an inflated opinion of himself and his role as a leading citizen of Crickledale, a small Yorkshire market town. Pluke solves murders by his knowledge of superstitions, while his hobby and passion is the recording of disused horse troughs which he discovers on the North York Moors."

Omens of Death launched the series of books featuring Montague Pluke in 1996. The original hardback was followed by Large Print and audiobook editions. Now it is available once more, in a paperback edition as well as an Endeavour Press Kindle edition.

Superstitious Death - the new Endeavour Press edition

Superstitious Death finds DI Pluke preparing for the annual shoggling festival in the small Yorkshire town of Crickledale. He realises something terrible has happened when Mrs Cholmondeley's bay tree withers and dies for no apparent reason.

His superstition is confirmed when he discovers the body of an attractive young woman in a shallow grave.

The woman's head injury suggests she was murdered, but there is nothing to identify her, and no young women have been reported missing.

All Pluke has to go on is the fact that she was buried with a mirror and the pathologist's declaration that she was a virgin.

Superstitious Death was first published by Constable Crime in 1998; it was also issued in a Large Print edition. It is now available from Amazon in a new paperback edition as well as in a Kindle edition.

A  Well-Pressed Shroud - the new Endeavour Press edition

A Well-Pressed Shroud finds hardworking Detective Inspector Montague Pluke spending a much-needed holiday from his job at the Crickledale CID in search of the Lost Giants' Horse Trough of Trippingdale.

Fresh country air and a visit to the prestigious Trippingdale Castle - what more could anyone want?

But his holiday is abruptly disturbed when, while searching the closed-down estate, Pluke stumbles upon the body of the estate's heir floating face down in shallow waters.

To make matters even stranger, the heir and several other people in the village had recently received a single pressed snowdrop - a well-known sign of death.

Much to Pluke's displeasure, his quiet countryside holiday is turning into a hair-raising hunt for the murderer. It could be anyone in the village...

A Well-Pressed Shroud was originally published by Constable Crime in March 2000; a Magna Large Print edition followed. Download the Kindle edition now or buy the new paperback edition.

Praise for the earlier books:

"It's original, it's funny - discovering Pluke has been one of life's little pleasures."
Yorkshire Post

"Eccentrically superstitious, Detective Inspector Pluke is a policeman of whom we shall hear more."
Yorkshire Gazette and Herald.

A Full Churchyard

A Full Churchyard - cover image

The most recent Montague Pluke investigation is also available in a Kindle edition.

With crime at its lowest level for years, Pluke decides to conduct a cold-case review. But there are no major unsolved crimes so, alerted by his wife, Millicent, to a large number of recent deaths - all attributed to natural causes - his expert knowledge of superstitions and folklore lead him to identify areas of suspicion sufficient to justify re-opening a case.

Could an undetected mass-murderer be operating in Crickledale? His inquiries reveal that many of the deceased had been attended by Crickledale Voluntary Carers and he quickly produces a list of possible suspects.

Indeed, the entire team of carers falls under suspicion - and Detective Inspector Pluke's wife, Millicent, is one of them.

A Full Churchyard audio edition

A Full Churchyard was published by NAG Press (a division of Robert Hale) on 29th August 2014:

Available in Magna Large Print and Audio editions

Prize Murder

While seeking the legendary Holy Trough of Blackamoor, Detective Inspector Montague Pluke, detective and lover of horse-troughs, comes across a man's body. Brent Fowler is lying on a patch of moorland normally covered in thick heather; however, a fire has burnt it away to reveal his body. The dead man, Pluke discovers, has been shot in the head.

It is soon established that the victim was a paedophile murder suspect, and so the eccentric and superstitious Pluke is pitched headlong into an investigation which spans both sides of the Pennines. Other paedophiles have also been lured to beauty spots and assassinated; it is known that some received letters saying they had won prizes offering unforgettable experiences.

Relying on his luck-enhancing techniques as he ventures into the city of Manchester upon his quest, Pluke himself is arrested on suspicion of being a paedophile! Then it is his turn to receive a letter saying he has won a Lucky Break weekend in the Lake District. Pluke knows that Brent Fowler won the prize of a weekend shooting party - as its victim - and so it is that the brave and magnificent Montague Pluke allows himself to be carried by the assassins to almost certain death, steadfastly protected by his rabbit's foot, rowan twig, double hazel nut and lucky blackthorn shillelegh.

Nicholas Rhea adds:

"Lots of us have received letters offering chances of winning wonderful competitions, but suppose first prize was your own murder! When Detective Inspector Montague Pluke receives such a letter, he needs all his luck if he is to survive."

Prize Murder was published by Constable Crime on October 26th 2006, price £17.99. You can order this book from Amazon, or from your local bookshop, quoting ISBN-13: 978-1-84529-375-8.

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