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Confession at Maddleskirk Abbey

Confession at Maddleskirk Abbey

When a woman confesses to Father Will, one of the monk-constables at Maddleskirk Abbey, that she has committed murder, he can do nothing but absolve her from her sin. The Seal of Confession is absolute. He cannot discuss her crime, ask the identity of her victim, or share the responsibility of this information with anyone. His hands are tied.

When a body is found in the nearby woodland, his moral dilemma grows.

As the enquiry progresses and the clues confirm his fears that it is a murder case, Father Will must still not reveal his knowledge. Detective Chief Superintendent 'Nabber' Napier and his team have a murder to solve, but monks sworn by oath to silence are hardly the ideal candidates for questioning...

The search for the killer intensifies, and the team begin to uncover some disturbing facts. The murder weapon is discovered, concealed in the Abbey, and the detectives learn of the mysterious disappearance - and violent past - of one of the Abbey's monks. He re-appears on the moors as a helicopter lands nearby, intending to carry him from his would-be captors. And then the truth emerges - and Napier must prevent the helicopter taking off with the monk on board! But how?

Nicolas Rhea has been talking to the press about his writing life, and about Confession at Maddleskirk Abbey in particular: read interviews with him in The Yorkshire Post and The Whitby Gazette.

Confession at Maddleskirk Abbey was published by Robert Hale on 30th April 2015 (ISBN: 978-0-7198-1575-1). Order the hardback edition from Amazon or download the Kindle edition.

Now also available as an audiobook read by Gordon Griffin from the publisher, Isis Soundings in a choice of formats or as an audio download from Amazon.

A Magna Large Print edition has also now been published (ask your library or bookseller to order a copy; ISBN: 978-0-7505-4220-3)

Murder at Maddleskirk Abbey

Murder at Maddleskirk Abbey

After Constable Nick - of Aidensfield and Heartbeat fame - retired, he helped create a small private police force of monk-constables serving Maddleskirk Abbey and its adjoining college.

The body of an unknown man is discovered in a huge stone coffin in the crypt and Nick and DCS 'Nabber' Napier of the local constabulary welcome the assistance of the monk-constables or monkstables as they become known, as their knowledge of the abbey, its history, practices and personnel proves invaluable to the detectives.

As the murder investigation hots up, a prominent pupil of the college goes missing and the monkstables find themselves pitched into an intense criminal investigation as they search for the missing boy.

With help from retired Sgt Oscar Blaketon and ex-PC Alf Ventress, and some input from Claude Jeremiah Greengrass, Nick's experience is put to the test as a killer stalks the hushed corridors of Maddleskirk Abbey.

Murder at Maddleskirk Abbey is published by Robert Hale on 31st October 2013, and demand was so great that the publishers reprinted immediately! It is available for order from Amazon, direct from the publisher, or from any bookshop, quoting the ISBN: 978-0-7198-1168-5.

The Kindle edition is now available from Amazon UK and from

The Soundings Audio edition, read by Nick McArdle, is available direct from the publisher in a choice of formats or as an audio download from Amazon

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