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Constable country - artwork by Colin Williamson for the Joffe Books edition

Back on the Beat with Constable Nick

The Constable books are probably Nicholas Rhea's best known work, and his family are delighted to announce that Joffe Books have now acquired world English digital and POD rights to the complete series, and are making the books easily available once again. Author Nicholas Rhea drew on his own experiences as a local bobby for a small Yorkshire village in the 1960s to chronicle the career of Constable Nick, from his first arrival in Aidensfield in Constable on the Hill (first published in 1979) to his retirement in Constable over the Hill (2011).

Constable on the Hill Constable along the Lane Constable through the Meadow Constable by the Stream

Many other Constable books filled in the narrative between those two events, and Joffe Books have commissioned delightful new covers for the entire series, with artwork by acclaimed North Yorkshire artist Colin Williamson.

The initial release of five titles, in March 2020, has now risen to a round dozen, as Constable Nock continues his duties - and some of these are now also available as audio books, read by Philip Franks. Keep an eye on the full list of Constable books to be sure not to miss the latest additions.

Two Detectives

Omens of Death

Agora Books continue the process of bringing Nicholas Rhea's books back to the marketplace, with a case for Detective Inspector Montague Pluke, Yorkshire's most superstitious detective. In Omens of Death, the naked body of a young woman found in a Druids' Circle confirms Pluke's premonitions - and more deaths follow ... The Yorkshire Post praised this debut of a new series: "Detectives, in fiction at least, come in all shapes and sizes, but few make as much impact as Montague Pluke...The strength of the book lies in the characters, especially the eccentric Pluke and his wife, Millicent. But a rich seam of secondary characters wait in the wings. All hold out the promise of a wealth of humour and interest that can be tapped in the future."

Family Ties

Now Omens of Death is available once more in paperback and Kindle editions; read more about this and all of Nicholas Rhea's Montague Pluke books.

Or perhaps you are looking for a more conventional detective? Then meet Detective Superintendent Mark Pemberton! The Pemberton books are classic detective mysteries, and are Nicholas Rhea's major contribution to the crime genre. Rhea uses a mixture of entertaining story-telling and police procedure based on personal experience.

In Family Ties, Pemberton finds himself playing detective in the family tree of the Vice President of the USA - and what he finds is a strange death in the family dating back to 1916. Private James Hartley was found dead with a bullet in his brain but nothing more is known. Was it murder or suicide?

Agora Books have so far reissued three of DS Pemberton's investigations: Family Ties, Suspect and Confession; or there's a bumper two-book Kindle edition which combines Family Ties and Suspect.

Read more about this and all of Nicholas Rhea's Pemberton books.

Constable the prequel

Constable on Trial

Or go back to the start of Nick's career in Constable on Trial, which takes us back in time as Detective Constable Rhea, stationed in the popular seaside resort of Strensford as a somewhat raw recruit, is given an attachment to CID. As Nicholas Rhea explains, there is an autobiographical element in this, too: "When patrolling in uniform, especially in the lonely night hours, young constables would dream of becoming a detective or having their own country beat. I was no exception and although the seaside town where I served my two years' probation provided much of interest, the CID promised extra excitement and intrigue.

Throughout his early days Nick, like many other detectives, nurses an ambition to arrest a murderer, but no opportunities come his way - until a killer on the run seeks refuge in Strensford and an elderly lady is found dead at home.

Order Constable on Trial via Amazon UK or from any bookshop (it may help to tell them the ISBN: 978-0-7198-1814-1).

Constable on Trial is now available as an audiobook, read by Nick McArdle: download it now from Amazon or from The Reading House in a choice of formats.

Read more about Constable on Trial and all the Constable books  »

Audible Confession

Confession at Maddleskirk Abbey

Nicholas Rhea made good his promise to complete his much loved Constable series with the tale of Nick's retirement. But Nick hasn't been taking it entirely easy: he has been helping the monks of Maddleskirk Abbey to create a small private police force of monk-constables serving the Abbey and its adjoining college - not so much Constable as monkstables.

Murder at Maddleskirk Abbey, the first book in this new series, showed the monkstables using their knowledge of the abbey, its history, practices and personnel to solve a case of murder - with the help of some old friends. And they were so successful in this that Nicholas Rhea has given them another case to untangle in his latest book, published in April 2015, Confession at Maddleskirk Abbey.

When a woman confesses to Father Will, one of the monk-constables at Maddleskirk Abbey, that she has committed murder, he can do nothing but absolve her from her sin. The Seal of Confession is absolute. He cannot discuss her crime, ask the identity of her victim, or share the responsibility of this information with anyone. His hands are tied. When a body is found in the nearby woodland, his moral dilemma grows.

Now Confession at Maddleskirk Abbey is available as an audiobook read by Gordon Griffin, as an audio download from Amazon.

Read more about the monk-stables of Maddleskirk Abbey.

Nicholas Rhea talks about his books at the Robert Hale Book Blog.

Blessed Nicholas Postgate - the Martyr of the Moors

Blessed Nicholas Postgate - the Martyr of the Moors

In another enthralling tale of religious life - and death - in Yorkshire, Nicholas Rhea tells the story of his namesake, Nicholas Postgate, one of England's best-loved martyrs whose lonely mission in the wilds of the North York Moors has captured the imagination of people of all faiths. He lived in the seventeenth century, at a time when being a Catholic priest carried a cruel death penalty, and he earned the name 'The Good Samaritan of the Moors' due to his generosity to all, regardless of their status or religion.

Nicholas Rhea explains: "The desire to produce a book about this charismatic priest of the North York Moors has remained with me since the earliest days of my writing career. In recent months, I have made time to research his life not only from previous publications and records but also from visits to his native moorland - along with some help from my family and my computer. The results have astounded me!"

Read more about Blessed Nicholas Postgate - and the discoveries that so surprised Nicholas Rhea while he was researching his book.

Life Assured

Life Assured

The Assured books draw on Nicholas Rhea's childhood memories of life in rural Yorkshire a generation before Heartbeat. This has appealed to his readership, and four installments are now available. The fourth, Life Assured reveals how Matthew and Evelyn cope, when Matthew's motorcycle accident leaves him unable to make his rounds of his far-flung moorland agency.

More about the Assured books  »

Other names, other books

Over the last 30 years, Nicholas Rhea has created a portfolio of books remarkable both in its size (more than 90 titles, 158 publications) and its diversity. Follow the links for a full list of his publications arranged alphabetically by title or in date order, from the very first to forthcoming titles. And here is an aide mémoire to help you:

Nicholas Rhea:
Constable series, crime novels, Yorkshire non-fiction.
Peter N Walker:
non-fiction books, Carnaby series, crime novels (including the original editions of the Pemberton novels).
Christopher Coram:
crime novels.
James Ferguson:
Emmerdale books.
Tom Ferris:
crime novels.
Andrew Arncliffe:
crime novels.

Written from a desire to mix humorous fictitious characters with facts and real-life experience in the North Yorkshire Police, Rhea's books invariably satisfy readers who love detective and police novels and the Yorkshire countryside. Not all of his books are currently in print. Some are extremely collectable, and there is information elsewhere on the site which may help to track these down. Or you can order current titles from Amazon by clicking on the links provided, or by using the search box below.

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