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Constable around the Houses

Constable around the Houses

Things are changing at Ashfordly Section police station...

Sergeant Blaketon is retiring and Police Constable Nick Rhea finds himself rising through the ranks, only to realise just how little he really knows about the locals of Aidensfield.

Constable Nick is determined to meet the locals, but there are problems with Greengrass's goat which loves butting motor vehicle headlights and even attacks the police constable's official transport, while Claude Jeremiah himself decides to establish the Greengrass School of Motoring, an ideal means of coping with egg deliveries.

Aidensfield isn't free from crime, however. Geoffrey Cunningham reports the theft of his famous art collection of red-headed nudes. Meanwhile a burglar breaks into an isolated house and leaves something behind and a builder discovers a human skeleton under the property he is renovating. Nicholas Rhea's delightful Constable tales paint an endearing and hilarious picture of police work in a rural district.

Constable around the Houses was originally published in 2000 by Robert Hale, and reissued by Agora Books in their 'Constable Files' series. The audio edition, read by Graham Roberts, is also out of print.

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