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The Curse of the Golden Trough

The Curse of the Golden Trough - cover imageWhen England's most eccentric and superstitious detective, Montague Pluke, who is also an authority on horse troughs, takes a holiday in Italy's wonderful medieval town of Siena, he discovers the authorities persistently deny the existence of the world famous Golden Trough of Siena.

Even though legend says it has not been seen for six hundred years, Pluke believes it can be found and, in spite of official denials of its existence, sets about tracing the golden trough. Using his skills as an English detective, he follows the trail to a modest folk museum on the North York Moors. It houses a collection of snuff boxes, one of which is a miniature replica of the famous trough. But when he arrives to examine the snuff box, he finds that only days earlier it had been stolen during a daring and puzzling raid.

Detective Inspector Pluke now needs all his investigative acumen, his knowledge of folk lore and his expertise in horse troughs as he embarks upon his quest to find the holy grail of the horse trough world. But there is a curse on the trough and more than a hint of family secrets as he intensifies his search for the exalted Golden Horse Trough of Siena.

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