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Constable in the Farmyard

Constable in the Farmyard

Happily settled into life in the idyllic village of Aidensfield, this should be the dream of any constable...

How much crime can this village really have?

Much more than you would believe possible!

Constable Nick Rhea is kept on his toes chasing down the phantom milk bottle thief. Not exactly a crime of the century but it is causing uproar among the locals. Catching this perpetrator will certainly be a victory for him, and the milkman who was originally blamed for not delivering the milk.

Throw in a few more bizarre crimes, committed by a wide array of quirky characters, and you know you are in for another great collection of memoirs.

Burglars caught red-handed, or rather, covered in ketchup. Farm animals escaping to cause mayhem. Dealing with Tabitha whose inability to remember the day lands her in trouble. Then the more challenging problems of marital disagreements regarding burial plots, and a retired farmer's wish to keep him sheepdog.

Can Constable Nick keep the peace, along with his sanity, whilst patrolling the village?

Especially when one of the farmers wishes to introduce a nudist retreat on part of his land?

Constable in the Farmyard is as hilarious as it is gripping, revealing all the daily struggles of a humble country copper in a way that will keep you hooked until the very end.

Long out of print, Constable in the Farmyard is now available in both paperback and Kindle edition.

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