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Constable Along the Trail

Constable along the TrailIn this latest collection of tales from the books which inspired the top TV drama, Heartbeat, Constable Nick of Aidensfield continues his varied and rustic police duties in the spectacular countryside of the North York Moors.

Although serious crime is a rarity on his patch, romance does occur in the castle ruins while he is constantly faced with odd occurrences and strange people. For example, how can thirty cars and their passengers vanish during a trip to the moors and what is the secret of the strange little building in the heather? And why would a box of chocolates won in a village raffle contain £100 that no-one wanted?

Old favourite, Claude Jeremiah Greengrass, is never far away and when Nick suggests he is just the fellow to tidy two churchyards in Aidensfield, Claude is only too pleased to help at a price - but who's going to pay? And why did Claude cause trouble by telling the local gossip he was building public toilets on a village green?

Constable Nick finds himself wondering whether a man's death is suspicious because his mistress lives in the same house as the man's wife, and why would a miser fake his own departure from life? There's a petty thief who steals a murderer's driving licence, the strange legend of Witch Hill, problems when people see a ghost and worries when a lady identifies a detective as the man who stole her handbag. As someone unknown starts giving money away in Aidensfield and two men carry a coffin across the highest part of the moors, there is mystery galore in Nick's constabulary duties.

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