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Constable Around the Park

Constable Around the ParkIn this installment of the life and times of Constable Nick and the people of Aidensfield, there is the prospect of change for Constable Nick, but although he has qualified for promotion, he must await a vacancy; meanwhile he continues his rural duties at Aidensfield deep within the North York Moors National Park. There is change here, too, as the spectacular countryside becomes increasingly busy with tourists, and the constabulary's day-to-day problems multiply, but not without minor incidents like people getting lost or the menace of discarded litter. So why would a man dump financial magazines in a moorland stream or a businessman throw sackfuls of rubbish into private woodland? What were the fearsome creatures which trapped tourists in a moorland village? Why would anyone abandon a wedding cake? These incidents, and others, some more serious and others displaying the human side of police work, are recounted in Constable around the Park.

Constable around the Park was first published on April 30th 2004. Order it from Amazon:

Available as an ISIS Soundings audiobook Available in a Magna Large Print edition

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