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Constable versus Greengrass

Constable versus Greengrass - hardback 1995's installment in the Constable series, Constable versus Greengrass, centred on one of the most enduring of all the characters Nicholas Rhea has contributed to the world of Aidensfield:
Constable versus Greengrass - paperback

If anything suspicious is reported in the peaceful Yorkshire village of Aidensfield, it's a fair bet that loveable scoundrel, Claude Jeremiah Greengrass, is not far away...

Whether he's trying to squash six sheep into a Ford Anglia, bottling "holy" water with insanitary results, or running a coconut shy where the coconuts are not all they seem, Claude Jeremiah Greengrass - and his dog, Alfred - always have some dodgy scheme afoot. So it's down to Sergeant Blaketon and P.C. Nick to keep one step ahead of them - without falling over their own feet in the process.

A delightful history of the chequered career of Aidensfield's most unregenerate rogue.

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