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Constable versus Greengrass

Constable versus Greengrass

Nick Rhea is the constable in charge of patrolling Aidensfield: a wonderful idyllic village located in the Yorkshire Moors.

Although crime in this area is low, the first suspect for any suspicious activity is Claude Jeremiah Greengrass.

Always coasting on the edge of the law, Greengrass has an answer for everything.

Much to the dismay of Sergeant Blaketon who is determined to bring him to justice.

This collection of humorous memoirs is dedicated to the antics of Greengrass.

Whether he is trying to earn a quick penny from selling 'holy water' he collected from a well, which subsequently poisons his neighbours.

Even conning the patrons of the local village fair by switching out his coconuts for a cheaper alternative.

Nothing is ever unexpected when Greengrass is involved.

Claude Jeremiah Greengrass - and Alfred

When reports are received that his trusty dog, Alfred, is stealing food and being a general nuisance, Rhea must investigate. Is the dog beginning to pick up his owner's traits? Or is there another explanation for Alfred's sudden personality change?

Will Blaketon finally succeed in charging this rogue for one of his many misdemeanours?

It is up to Nick to stay one step ahead of Greengrass to ensure his grand schemes do not come crashing down, injuring others in the process.

Constable Versus Greengrass is now once more available in paperback and Kindle editions.

For Heartbeat's many fans, Bill Maynard will always be Claude Jeremiah Greengrass. Nicholas Rhea dedicated Constable Versus Greengrass to the actor who brought one of his most enduringly popular creations to life!

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