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Constable around the Green

Constable around the Green

Looking back on his life at a rural policeman in the quiet North Yorkshire countryside, PC Nicholas Rhea has a tale or two to tell, from stories of unusual theft - such as the incident of the stolen maypole - to romantic con artists and the case of a missing child...

As Constable Nick remembers the then big changes sweeping through the rural police force, he also remembers the comical mishaps of his old colleagues. While the old-fashioned Sergeant Blaketon is a serious chap about police-work, when it comes to football he's rather keen to overlook even his own duties...

Meanwhile, the villagers get on with their quiet - and often eccentric - lives. From the lovable rogue that is Claude Jeremiah Greengrass and his wily dog, Alfred, to the mysterious spinster Adelaide Bowes. Even some of the newcomers seem to be odd yet - thankfully for Rhea - mostly law-abiding characters. Besides, as Constable Nick knows too well, sometimes it's the locals that can be the most troublesome. Particularly when old divisions between villages, old gangs and even religion still exist.

But Constable Nick always tried to keep the peace for his beloved beat - and for many, he was once the voice of reason for many in a fight. Written with wit and humour, Constable Around The Green looks into the eccentric and funny life of a Yorkshire bobby.

Praise for Constable Around The Green:

"Move over Mr Herriot, All Creatures Great and Small has a rival... a little charmer"
Manchester Evening News

"Humorous, touching and imbued with a deep affection for the Yorkshire countryside... heartwarming"
Worcester Evening News

"Witty, warm-hearted and full of loveable rogues"
Northern Echo

Constable Around The Green has long been out of print, but is now once more available in paperback and Kindle editions.

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