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Constable at the Gate

Constable at the Gate - paperbackTales in this book range from the celebration of a horse's birthday in the local pub to a small boy's hunt for the legendary silver hawk which once inhabited the moors above Aidensfield. In the latter case, the child played truant - but his determination to find and protect the rare bird also helped Constable Nick solve some crimes. Claude Jeremiah Greengrass and his dog, Alfred, continue their rather dodgy means of earning a living, venturing into the bed-and-breakfast business with unsatisfactory results and indulging in some strange horse-trading with gypsies. When Alfred falls into a disused pitshaft full of water, however, it is Constable Nick who rescues the dog - to the horror of Sergeant Blaketon because it was witnessed by journalists compiling a feature about the work of the constabulary! Another local journalist highlights her devotion to Sergeant Blaketon in her press reports while Nick copes with village gossips and finds himself searching for old folks who have wandered from home. His action at the scene of a road accident near a stately gate results in a joyful family reunion while the buyer of a country cottage does not bring much happiness to the constable and people of Aidensfield.

Nicholas Rhea comments:

Constable at the Gate - hardback"For this book, I drew inspiration from an old character living near us who spent his days leaning on his garden gate so that he could talk to passers-by. He became a tourist attraction in his own right - as the first tale in the book indicates. The rest of the book flowed from that, with some gates being featured in different circumstances..."

Reader comments:

"More tales from the moorland beat of North Yorkshire's beloved policeman. Rhea's easy style makes the stories flow with never a boring moment for the reader. Devotees will love these fresh tales and newcomers will be hooked to turn back the clock and read for themselves the books which led to the creation of the highly successful TV series Heartbeat."
Bill Spence
Yorkshire Gazette & Herald

"Constable at the Gate finds hero PC Nick Rhea back on the beat of Aidensfield and the towns and villages of the North York Moors. The collection of stories sees well known characters up to their old tricks and introduces us to new ones whose ability to find themselves in all manner of scrapes and mysteries keeps Constable Nick well and truly occupied."

The infamous Claude Jeremiah Greengrass never misses a chance to make a few quid, but his adventure into the bed and breakfast business doesn't go quite as planned. The old rivalry between himself and that old stickler Sergeant Blaketon rarely falters, though Claude has to swallow his pride and ask for help when his dearest pal, the mongrel Alfred, finds himself in deep water."

"Rhea's book is packed with a rich variety of characters, such as the sage Aud Willie One-Leg and the amorous Mildred Levington and readers don't have to look far to discover where the makers of Heartbeat draw their inspiration. The nature of rural village life is vividly recreated through Rhea's words and stories, with both good and bad aspects illustrated."

"For example, when an independent old lady begins to wander, it's the villagers who keep a kindly watch on her. But when the odd behaviour of an attractive woman and a married man becomes the talk of the village, the local gossips waste no time in jumping to completely the wrong conclusion, so nearly ruining a man's reputation in the process. So if fans are missing Heartbeat while it takes a break from the TV screens, Rhea's Constable at the Gate provides ample therapy and is well worth the cover price."

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