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Constable Beats the Bounds

Constable Beats the Bounds

In this slice of Aidensfield life, an ancient local ceremony sets Constable Nick musing about the nature of his duties, and some of the curious events they involve!

Like a number of country parishes, Aidensfield has a ceremony of 'beating the bounds' - but ehen Constable Nick leads the long-established procession of villagers around Aidensfield's ancient parish extremities, he realises his duty as a rural bobby comprises all sorts of boundaries over which he should not cross. Nonetheless he must occasionally ignore such restrictions and go beyond limitations to fulfill his role as village constable satisfactorily.

Far beyond the call of duty are his efforts to get a bride to the church on time, the occasion he finds himself defending a youth charged with a public order offence and his interviews with a man who buries his wife in the garden. But when St. Aidan's Well almost dries up as a body is found on the moors above Aidensfield, Constable Nick knows he is duty bound to continue his individualistic performance of wide-ranging constabulary responsibilities.

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Nik Harty asks Nicholas Rhea to sign a copy of 'Constable Beats the Bounds'

Nicholas Rhea at a signing at Holman's bookshop in Whitby, about to sign a copy of Constable Beats the Bounds for Nik Harty.

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