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The Carnaby Series and other early works

Nicholas Rhea comments:

"My first series of crime fiction was the Carnaby series. After producing many unsuccessful novels of differing genre, I tackled my first crime story which was Carnaby and the Hijackers written as Peter N. Walker and published by Hale in 1967. This was a complicated story but it established Carnaby as a series character and my publishers asked for further Carnaby novels.

Carnaby was a flamboyant and very unorthodox detective who had a private income in addition to his police salary. His wealth enabled him to enjoy the roving commission he used for his undercover CID work. There are eleven titles in the series which ran from 1967 to 1984, but the original hardbacks are out of print. Large print copies may be found in some British libraries."

The eleven Carnaby novels are:

All of these are out of print, but Amazon occasionally offer second-hand copes: check the links to see what is available. Or see more ideas about how to buy out of print books by Nicholas Rhea.

Nicholas Rhea comments:

"In addition, I wrote a further 17 crime novels as Peter N. Walker, including the Panda One series and others which are not part of a series, eg The MacIntyre Plot, The Carlton Plot, The Dovingsby Death, Major Incident, etc etc. All are now out of print, except for library editions.

Between 1968 and 1985, I wrote further series of crime novels as Christopher Coram, Tom Ferris and Andrew Arncliffe, all of which are out of print in their original form, albeit with large print copies available in British and some USA libraries.

These books, all written when I was a serving police officer, reflected the police work of the period and I was able to draw upon my own experience to provide an authentic background and plot. My own favourite must be Carnaby and the Hijackers, if only because it was my first published book."

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